Survey Method Staking

Aqua Turf International utilizes a new and improved sprinkler system layout method that insures the best and most efficient sprinkler layout done that can be accomplished in an expeditious manner by making optimal use of the personnel and equipment already available on site . The process has been very successfully […]

Better Water Systems

In the coming years, many factors will influence golf course irrigation design, construction and operation. Irrigation consultant Michael J. Krones, Ph. D, outlines what the industry can expect to see over the next decade and beyond. Advances in technology and agronomy will continue to result in changes in golf course […]

Sentosa Golf Club Irrigation Renovations at Serapong and Tanjong Courses

James Schumacher, President of Aqua Turf International, Inc. (ATI) visited Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore last week. The Serapong Course began hosting in 2005 the prestigious Barclays Singapore Open on the European Tour and is the current home of the LPGA HSBC Classic. Sentosa Golf Club is one of the […]

Royal Calcutta Golf Club System Analysis

James Schumacher, President of Aqua Turf International, Inc. (ATI) recently visited Royal Calcutta Golf Club in Kolkata, India to perform a System Analysis and prepare a Long Range Improvement plan. Founded in 1829, Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC), affectionately known as the “Royal”, is the oldest golf club outside the […]