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Xili Golf Club Irrigation Renovation – A Great Example For All

Xili Golf Club in Shenzhen, China has just commenced renovation of their 36 hole irrigation system.  The original system was in poor condition and a significantly limiting factor in the turf maintenance and course playability. The original system was in serious condition with the following limitations: Little or no automatic […]

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Thai Country Club Uses POGO and Hand Watering To Precisely Apply Greens Irrigation

Brian Distel, Golf Course Superintendent at Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand has implemented a new and advanced method of managing the greens irrigation on a daily basis at Thai Country Club.  The greens are only irrigated by the sprinklers when fertilizer or chemicals are watered in or after cultural […]

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Xili Golf Club – Drone Technology Takes Irrigation Design To the Next Level

An accurate and effective irrigation design starts with an accurate base map.  This is especially true on existing courses.  In the past the base maps for existing courses were really only available through a few alternatives, many of which expensive. Traditional Ground Survey GPS Mapping Aerial photography Google Maps or […]

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The Advantages of Hand Watering – The RIGHT AMOUNT, in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME!

Over the last 30 years or so we have become spoiled by sophisticated irrigation systems.  Systems today offer computer managed individual sprinkler control.  Some even have weather stations and soil moisture sensors to assist in the scheduling of the irrigation.  These are wonderful tools for golf course superintendents, park and […]

Nikanti Golf Club –Reaping Benefits of Recent Irrigation Upgrade

Nikanti Golf Club in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, just outside of Bangkok, is reaping the benefits of their recent irrigation upgrade.  Even though the course hadn’t even been officially opened the inadequacies of the original installation showed up quickly.  The limitations included: Undersized mainline and pump station resulting in excessive watering […]

Thai Country Club Upgrades Irrigation Control System

Thai Country Club in Chacheongsao, Thailand, just outside Bangkok, is in the process of upgrading their Rain Bird irrigation control system to improve the system efficiency as well as course playability. The process was implemented after following the recommendation provided in an Irrigation System Analysis performed by Aqua Turf International […]

Sentosa Golf Club Serapong and Tanjong Courses Central Computer Map

Sentosa Golf Club has recently updated their Toro Lynx central control system map, combining the recently renovated Tanjong course with the well established Serapong. The Serapong Course is renowned for hosting the Singapore Open on the European Tour as well as the HSBC Women’s’ Open on the LPGA tour. We […]

Sentosa Golf Club Tanjong Course Commences Construction

Sentosa Golf Club, designed by Andy Johnston and Swanson Golf Design, has recently commenced a total renovation of the Tanjong Course. The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club had previously been renovated in 2006 and underwent an irrigation upgrade in 2015. The Serapong Course is renowned for hosting the Singapore […]

Nikanti Golf Club, in Nakhon Pathom just outside of Bangkok has commenced a comprehensive upgrade to the original irrigation system.

Nikanti Irrigation System Upgrade Installation Commences

Nikanti Golf Club, in Nakhon Pathom just outside of Bangkok has commenced a comprehensive upgrade to the original irrigation system. The original system was not designed to a high standard. As a result the system was not performing to a level that allowed the maintenance staff to prepare the course […]