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Xili Golf Club Irrigation Renovation – A Great Example For All

Xili Golf Club in Shenzhen, China has just commenced renovation of their 36 hole irrigation system.  The original system was in poor condition and a significantly limiting factor in the turf maintenance and course playability. The original system was in serious condition with the following limitations: Little or no automatic […]

ground survey

Xili Golf Club – Drone Technology Takes Irrigation Design To the Next Level

An accurate and effective irrigation design starts with an accurate base map.  This is especially true on existing courses.  In the past the base maps for existing courses were really only available through a few alternatives, many of which expensive. Traditional Ground Survey GPS Mapping Aerial photography Google Maps or […]

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GPS Mapping, Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography and Contour Mapping Services

Does your course have an accurate current as-built of the irrigation system? More than likely not.  It is probably less likely that you have a current and accurate aerial photograph or satellite image. Nearly anyone associated with the golf course can benefit from an accurate as-built and especially and aerial […]