Considerations for Establishing a Budget and Selecting the Levels of Irrigation Design and Investment

In order to grow the great game of golf it is critical that golf courses construction costs meet a broad range of cleintele that allows for affordable golf as well as high end facilities.  Equally important is that when building higher end fascilities that the budgets are reasonable enouugh to meet the expectations of the future cleints or members.  This blog offers a list of questions any future golf course owner or developer should as themselves prior to establihsing there irrigiaotn budget.

A golf course or a country club is a business and needs to operate within a reasonable yet adequate budget to be sustainable. Irrigation system requirements can vary greatly from region to region based on weather and with the expectations of the clientele playing the course. Proper study should be made into the needs of the course prior to establishing the budget and the correct system then designed to meet those needs. Once the system is installed you will be stuck with it for years. A proper budget is a good start to insure those will be many years of trouble free efficient use.

The irrigation system is the single largest cost category when building a golf course. The irrigation system is also the foundation for the entire turfgrass maintenance program. It is required not only to replace the water lost from the soil and plant each day but also to water in fertilizers and chemicals as well as germinate seed and propagate seedlings during grow-in and renovation. The quality of the irrigation system has a huge impact not only on the turf but also on the playability of the course. If the coverage or uniformity of the irrigation is poor this will cause wet spots and dry spots around the course making the course much less fair and enjoyable to play. There are a varying range of styles and costs of irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are not one size fits all. There are many components of a system that can be compromised but there are prices to pay later as the investment in the irrigation system declines. It is important that a realistic budget be established so the expectations of the ownership and the clientele of the course can be met.

Please click the link to the complete article containing a list of twenty (20) questions that need to be considered prior to establishing your budget.

Golf Irrigation Budget Planning Considerations

In addition to these there are also many others that should be asked to insure you get a system that meets your needs, satisfies the players expectatoins and is efficient to own and operate. The answers to these vary greatly from course to course and region to region? There is a big difference in the expectations of the membership of Augusta National and a local public golf course and so are the irrigation budgets and the quality of the facilities. Not every course needs to be an Augusta National and not every course needs a five star irrigation system. It is important to understand what you need and the ramifications of a lack of investment in your irrigation system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t rain the perfect amount every night so we need an irrigation system that can meet our needs when it isn’t raining. We will provide some input to each of these questions in the summary. Please answer the questions honestly with yourself prior to establishing your budget.

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