Raevo Golf Club, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design just outside of Moscow is quickly nearing completion. Grass was planted on the final two holes last week and only completion of a small chipping area remains.  James Schumacher, President of ATI was on site July 9 – 15 to inspect the irrigation installation on the final 6 holes. Also, a final irrigation punch list for the other 12 holes and practice area that have already been grown-in was preformed. The irrigation system design utilizes a hard-line style with part circle sprinklers along the turf perimeters of each rough A hard-line sprinkler layout style saves water, reduces weeds and excessive growth of the native grass.   The golf course was constructed and irrigation system installed by Protcion from Moscow.

Raevo Golf Club Nearing Completion - The construction team of professionals
The construction team of professionals include from left Derek Grenkowski – Golf Course Superintendent, Alexeey Sergeev – Protcion Construction Manager, Stanislav Mulyavka -Protcion Construction Manager, Butch LaPorte – Raevo Construction Manager, James Schumacher – ATI President & Irrigation Consultant.

The system features a Toro Lynx GDC off – fairway decoder control system with individual control of each sprinkler. The system utilizes AquaFuse HDPE pipe with the materials and on-site HDPE training provided by CMF Global.  The 465m3 per hour pump station is manufactured by Watertronics. The pump station is uniquely hidden From sight and play in a building surrounded and covered by mounding.  Even though the pump station slab is at fairway level the pump station is hidden from view from virtually every angle.

Raevo Golf Club - Entrance to Pumping Station
Entrance to Pumping Station
Raevo Golf Club - Pump Station Totally Hidden From View
Pump Station Totally Hidden From View

ATI provided the irrigation system design, construction layout and inspection, as-built developmentATI provided the irrigation system design, construction layout and inspection, as-built development and central computer programming with the keen help of Derek Grenkowski and Protcion.

The system layout was performed using the survey method in coordination with Protcion.   Oleg Pyzyak with Protcion was instrumental in providing timely and highly accurate surveys of the grass lines laid out by Dirk Bouts of Nicklaus Design. The sprinkler design was then re-designed by ATI in the computer. The sprinkler locations were then laid out by Oleg using the same survey method.  This method based on the actually grass lines and features allows the designer to analyze several sprinkler layout options before selecting the optimum layout.  Learn more about the benefits and procedures involved with the survey Staking by reading the Survey Method Staking Blog dated July 27, 2015.

ATI is very proud to have been part of the team at Raevo Golf Club.

Raevo Golf Club will be opening for play in 2016.Raevo Golf Club will be opening for play in 2016.

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