System Analysis and Long Range Planning

Many golf courses, parks, and other irrigation systems are old and in some state of disrepair. These systems are costly to maintain and are ineffective and inefficient in their operation. ATI has assisted many of our clients in evaluating their existing systems to determine the limitations and alternatives and help in the justification of a replacement or some form of repairs to improve the performance. An evaluation of the existing irrigation system(s) and a long-range plan would be developed after a site visit.

  • Existing Pump Station Capability and Capacity
  • Water Sources, Water Storage and Quality
  • Sprinklers, Coverage, Uniformity and Distribution
  • Efficiency – Water, Power and Labor
  • Mainline and Lateral Piping, Fittings, Swing Joints and Hydraulics
  • Irrigation Control System, Power Wire and Grounding
  • Maintenance Practices, Turf Conditions and Playability as it Relates to Irrigation

The report will include the following information from the criteria evaluated above:

  • Detailed Explanation of Each Category of the System
  • Rating of the System
  • Summary of the Findings
  • Recommendations – Evaluate Renovation or Replacement
  • Long Range Planning – Budget Estimates
  • Timeline and Scheduling – Useful Life and Installation Timeline

The costs of operation are included which includes quantifying the system inefficiencies and cost in regards to repair, power, water and labor. An ATI System Analysis and Long Range Plan are extremely valuable to assist owners, Park Directors, General Managers, Superintendents and Green Committees evaluate their existing system and communicate the status to the membership to help justify replacement when needed. A few of the clients for which ATI has provided System Analysis and Long Range Planning are listed below:

  • Ocean Reef Club – Key Largo, FL
  • Ocala Golf Club – Ocala, FL
  • Floridian Yacht & Golf Club – Palm City, FL
  • Bay Colony Golf Club – Naples, FL
  • Tequesta Country Club – Tequesta, FL
  • The Dunes Golf & Tennis Club – Sanibel Island, FL
  • Imperial Golf Club East – Naples, FL
  • Misty Creek Country Club – Sarasota, FL
  • Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club – Coral Gables, FL
  • Pipers Landing Country Club – Port St. Lucie, FL
  • Admirals Cove Country Club – Jupiter, FL
  • Jacaranda West Country Club – Venice, Florida
  • Loxahatchee Club – Jupiter, FL
  • Golf and Racquet Club – Jupiter, FL
  • Ibis Golf and Country Club – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Persimmon Woods Country Club – St. Louis, MO
  • Feather Sound Country Club, Clearwater, FL
  • Hawks Nest Country Club – Vero Beach, FL
  • Loblolly Pines Golf Club – Hobe Sound, FL
  • Gateway Golf and Country Club, Naples, FL
  • Windstar Country Club – Naples, FL
  • Quail West Country Club – Naples, FL
  • Osprey Cove Country Club – St. Mary’s, GA
  • The Landings Club – Savannah, GA
  • Jackson Country Club – Jackson, TN
  • Nebraska National Country Club – Lincoln, NE
  • Suntree Country Club – Melbourne, FL
  • St. Andrews Country Club – Boca Raton, FL
  • Country Club of Jackson – Jackson, MS
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